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What is an Ascending Triangle? An ascending triangle is a chart pattern used in technical analysis. It is created by price moves that allow for a horizontal line to be drawn along the swing highs,.. The ascending triangle is a bullish continuation pattern and is characterized by a rising lower trendline and a flat upper trendline that acts as support. This pattern indicates that buyers are.. What is an Ascending Triangle? An ascending triangle is just that, a triangle that's on the rise. The pattern is a continuation pattern of a bullish event that is taking a breather as the security attempts to climb higher. It is literally the opposite setup of the descending triangle

The ascending triangle is a bullish candlestick chart pattern that occurs in a mid-trend and signals a likely continuation of the overall trend. It's one of the most common chart patterns as it's quite easy to form - consisting of two simple trend lines. The price action temporarily pauses the uptrend as buyers are consolidating The ascending triangle is a bullish formation that usually forms during an uptrend as a continuation pattern. There are instances when ascending triangles form as reversal patterns at the end of a downtrend, but they are typically continuation patterns. Regardless of where they form, ascending triangles are bullish patterns that indicate. Ascending Triangle Pattern The ascending triangle formation is a continuation pattern and as the name suggests it has the shape of a triangle. The ascending triangle is also known as the bullish triangle because it leads to a bullish breakout. The triangle chart pattern is generally considered a bullish pattern An ascending triangle is a bullish price formation that forms in an uptrend, signaling its continuation. However, in certain cases an ascending triangle may form as a reversal pattern at the end of a bearish trend

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  1. The ascending triangle typically is a bullish formation that mostly forms during an uptrend as a continuation pattern. There are times when ascending triangles form as reversal patterns at the end of a downtrend. Ascending triangles are bullish patterns that indicate accumulation regardless of where they form
  2. What is an Ascending Triangle chart pattern and why does it work The Ascending Triangle is a bullish chart pattern that signals the market is about to head higher. Here's how it looks like: As you can see, the Ascending Triangle has a series of higher lows approaching Resistance
  3. Busted Ascending Triangles: Summary. Price can breakout of an ascending triangle in any direction. When price moves no more than 10%, reverses direction and closes beyond the side opposite the breakout, it busts the chart pattern
  4. Bulkowski on Ascending Triangles . Statistics updated 8/27/2020. In my book Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns, you can read the complete treatment of ascending triangles, including identification guidelines, focus on failures, statistics, trading tactics, and a sample trade. If you click on the above link and then buy the book (or anything) while at Amazon.com, the referral will help support this.
  5. Ascending triangles often form when a stock has big sellers at a certain level. Someone's trying to hold the stock down. That could be profit-takers, bag holders, or short sellers. And investors and traders may be interested in buying the stock
  6. The ascending triangle breakout strategy is an extremely powerful chart setup that exploits many of the supply and demand imbalances in the market. Using price action in conjunction is going to complete the trading strategy. By identifying the setup, and recognizing the opportunity before others, it's a perfect head start
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Ascending triangles are classified as continuation Patterns. Here are the key elements that make up an ascending triangle: 1. Bottom Trend Line (Support) - An ascending triangle is characterized by a bottom trend line that is formed as the price continues to set higher lows. The more touch points on the trend line, the more reliable it will be This continues until price is squeezed toward the apex of the triangle. Bulls now press their advantage and price breaks out. A breakout signals more traders to jump in and price continues to rise. In simple terms, the bulls overpower the bears. Now let's look at the bearish ascending wedge. Note that the top trendline is rising

The Ascending Triangle: What is it & How to Trade it

Ascending Triangle Chart Pattern & Principles for Stock

The ascending triangle is a type of continuation pattern. This means that the breakout happens in the same direction as the general trend of the price movement. It is important to know that breakouts can also happen in the opposite direction of the trend. Validation of an ascending triangle patter A descending triangle is a bearish chart pattern used in technical analysis that is created by drawing one trend line that connects a series of lower highs and a second horizontal trend line that.. The Ascending Triangle:-It resembles accumulation.-It is a bullish pattern.-It doesn't have to happen on an uptrend, but it is very helpful when it does.-The.. The ascending triangle is marked by two significant technical features. At its top, there is a line of resistance. This is a supply line, or a price at which sellers step into the market and unload their shares. The second aspect of the ascending triangle is the rising trendline, which communicates the fact that bullish investors are willing to. Ascending triangle patterns are bullish and often form within uptrends in stocks as continuation patterns. The ascending triangle pattern resembles a narrowing triangle with a horizontal line of overhead resistance for the stock and an ascending trend line or rising trend line beneath the stock

The ascending triangle is a continuation pattern defined by an entry point, stop loss, and profit target. On the price chart, it appears as a horizontal support line connecting the highs to an upward moving trendline to the lows. Each ascending triangle has a minimum of two highs and two lows What is an Ascending Triangle Pattern. In this video, you'll learn how to trade one of my favorite chart patterns. It's called the ascending triangle pattern. Let me explain to you what this pattern is all about and why I love this pattern so much: 1. An ascending triangle is pretty much where you see higher lows into resistance. 2

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Both triangles (ascending and descending) can be reversal patterns. See see picture below for how a ascending triangle reverses a downtrend, and how a descending triangle reverses an uptrend: Breakouts of the horizontal boundary are favoured in both triangles because of the way in which price trades within the triangles Ascending triangles are generally considered bullish and are most reliable when found in an up-trend. The top part of the triangle appears flat, while the bottom part of the triangle has an upward slant. Here is a Typical Ascending Triangle Pattern. In ascending triangles,. The Ascending Triangle as a price pattern is fairly common as it presents frequently in all markets, time frames, & price ranges and tends to provide a great reward-to-risk ratio. Their versatility has made Ascending Triangles available as either a bullish or bearish trend continuation pattern or a reversal pattern depending on the trading environmen An ascending triangle is a continuation chart pattern that relates to a group of triangle patterns. It's a bullish pattern that signals an upward movement. As you can see, there is horizontal resistance, but the lows go up so the price creates higher lows.. An ascending triangle pattern is comprised of two key elements: 1. Bottom Trend Line (Support) - An ascending triangle is characterized by a bottom trend line that is formed as the stock continues to set higher lows. The more touch points on the trend line, the more reliable it will be

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An ascending triangle's price objective is determined by the high point of the triangle's base, which is plotted on the break out point (above the resistance). Another technique consists of drawing a line parallel to the ascending triangle support line, from the first contact with the resistance Ascending Triangle The Ascending Triangle Formation or pattern is formed when the price range between high and low prices narrows, thus creating a triangular shape. Its patented horizontal trendline linking the highs at almost the same level as well as an ascending trendline connecting higher and higher lows are the distinct characteristics of this pattern Ascending triangles provide estimated profit target and the price may surpass that target, or fail to reach the set target. Ascending triangle forex. A forex ascending triangle is a consolidation pattern that takes place in mid-trend, which typically signals a continuation of the existing trend Trading the Ascending Triangle. P osition trading is primarily based on the stock's price history as displayed on either a bar chart or a candlestick chart. While position trading is generally a relatively short-term investing style where open positions typically last from a couple of weeks to a couple of months, it is usually beneficial to analyze any proposed trades using both shorter-term. Ascending Triangle patterns take around two months to form, calculated from the start of the pattern to the breakout and not till the apex. Descending Triangle patterns usually take 55 days to form in a bull market and 62 days in a bear market, from formation start to the breakout

An ascending triangle is a very bullish pattern in technical analysis. Ultimately, the breakout occurs before the trend lines converge. Low volumes characterize the period of consolidation within the triangle. However, the spike in trading volume marks a breakout as bulls take advantage of the expected rise to $ 2.41 During a triangle's formation, the price consolidates in an area until it eventually clears it. The way to spot a triangle quickly is to focus on a sequence of lower highs (descending triangle) or higher lows (ascending triangle). When the sequence forms in a horizontal area, ascending or descending triangles form

Ascending Triangle Pattern - How to Spot Breakout

  1. Ascending triangle patterns are bullish, meaning that they indicate that a security's Public Securities Public securities, or marketable securities, are investments that are openly or easily traded in a market. The securities are either equity or debt-based. price is likely to climb higher as the pattern completes itself
  2. บทความนี้จะมาถึงรูปแบบราคาแบบ Ascending Triangle + Descending Triangle และ Falling Wedge + Rising Wedge อาจจะดูงงๆ สักนิด แต่ไม่ต้องเป็นห่วงทาง Mr. Serotonin จะมาอธิบายให้ทุกคนเข้าใจแบบ EZ เช่น.
  3. Ascending Triangles Ascending triangles are bullish continuation patterns that form when the upper trend line is flat or horizontal while the lower trend line continues to rise diagonally. This indicates the up trend has stalled while the support line representing buyers continues to rise, thereby closing the distance between the lower and upper trend line
  4. The Ascending Triangle forms between the horizontal resistance level and the ascending support line. In the uptrend, the bulls run into a strong resistance level that they fail to overcome at once. From this level, the price makes pullbacks downwards, which form the waves of the Ascending Triangle
  5. Ascending Triangle. The Ascending Triangle is defined by two lines: a horizontal resistance line running through peaks and an uptrend line drawn through the bottoms. While two bottoms belonging to the same trendline would suffice for pattern recognition, it is more favorable when there are more
  6. Descending triangles, along with terms such as ascending triangles, head-and-shoulders, flag, pennant, and cup-and-handle are all examples of chart patterns, of which there are over 50 types according to noted investor Thomas Bulkowski's book, Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns
  7. Ascending triangle. Investors spot an ascending triangle by the price swinging between the constant line of resistance, and rising support. ETH / USDT Chart 4h. The ascending triangle is considered to be a robust bullish formation, which can lead to massive scores if approached the right way

How to Trade the Ascending Triangle - Three Ways to

2. Ascending Triangle Chart Pattern. Ascending Triangles are known as bullish continuation patterns. It means they usually form on bullish markets, and they usually break above, and so the uptrend will be continued. In an Ascending Triangle, the upper leg is horizontal and the lower leg is pointed to the upward direction A horizontal ascending triangle is classically a bullish signal. On longer period charts the rising wedge is typically seen as a bearish formation - it's the exhaustion phase of an uptrend as volume and momentum dwindles. However on the lower time frame forex charts the development is often bullish An ascending triangle - the flat-top triangle - also shows two converging trendlines. In this case, the lower trendline is climbing and the upper trendline is horizontal. This pattern happens because the lows are moving frequently higher but the highs are keeping a constant price level

Ascending and descending triangles form against a horizontal level. The measured move is equal to the longest segment in the triangle. Ascending and descending triangles offer great risk-reward ratios. Triangles are defined by a series of lower highs (descending) or higher lows (ascending) The ascending triangle pattern is typically a bullish formation that represents a great deal of information with a decent strike rate for a breakout. Our goal today is to show how you can begin to recognize this pattern with traditional technical analysis and combine it with order flow to establish a bullish thesis and profit

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  1. g a triangle. A second parameter may be used to specify a window of time from the most recent day backward. It is during this window that the triangle pattern could possibly have been.
  2. Ascending Triangle In technical analysis, a series of high and low prices for a security that, when plotted on a chart, looks vaguely like a triangle pointed to the right. One constructs an ascending triangle by first drawing a horizontal line on a chart representing a high price toward which a security is approaching and then drawing a diagonal line.
  3. Gold has closed a bullish engulfing followed by ascending triangle breakout; therefore, the odds of bullish bias remain strong. On the lower side, the XAU/USD pair can take a dip until the next support area of 1,814 level, and below this, the next support is likely to be found around 1,795
  4. The ascending triangle is a price pattern made up of two trendlines. A flat upper trendline which acts as the level of resistance and a lower trendline that joins higher lows in an upward slope. The pattern can indicate that the bulls are gaining control with the higher lows and weakening resistance leading to a potential breakout to the upside

• Ascending triangle patterns can be longer in timeframe and wider in range than a flag or a pennant. The length of this pattern can range from a few weeks to months with the average lasting for 1-3 months. Many times the catalyst of earnings will trigger a breakout for a stock Ascending Triangle. The Ascending Triangle is a breakout pattern that appears when the price surpasses the resistance level. The resistance level is a horizontal line, forming a slope of higher lows. The triangle shows that the buyers are starting to gain momentum, but are pushing the price beyond the resistance level, developing a breakout

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Hello my friends, here is the story I see behind this stock: ⭐Fibo: Might come on 0.3 or 0.5 seems good to buy here :) ⭐Pattern: Ascending triangle ⭐Volumes: HUGE on the D chart ⭐Possible trade activation on green zones + fibo retracement and hold if broken the ascending triangle neckline ⭐Trade will be activated on 1D if it makes a green bar on those lvls.. Descending triangles are the opposite of ascending triangles as they have a horizontal upper trendline and a rising lower one. Reversals can happen with descending triangles as well, but they are usually considered bullish in nature. All triangle patterns provide traders the opportunity to short the stock and set a profit target Ascending Triangle patterns. The ascending triangle pattern has its highs resisted at one same point and the lows are connected serially with a trendline. There will higher lows which indicate a strength in buyers. It indicates a high chance for upper side breakout above the horizontal resistive trendline 이에 패턴수렴을 진행하고있으며 Ascending Triangle 상향 직삼각형 수렴패턴을 형성하고있습니다. 2. 지지 받는 추세선은 하단추세선을 매수관점으로 적용해볼수있으며 저항 받는 추세선은 상단의 수평 저항선을 추세 청산목표가 관점으로 볼수있습니다

An Ascending Triangle Chart Pattern is a bullish continuation pattern. It is formed when prices are trapped between a rising trendline and a horizontal resistance line.The trendline and resistance line are forming a triangle, a right angle triangle even. Ascending Triangle Chart Pattern Exampl Bulkowski on Ascending Triangles . Statistics updated 8/27/2020. In my book Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns, you can read the complete treatment of ascending triangles, including identification guidelines, focus on failures, statistics, trading tactics, and a sample trade. If you click on the above link and then buy the book (or anything) while at Amazon.com, the referral will help support this.

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  1. Chart Facts: • The ascending triangle is a bullish chart pattern that usually forms during an uptrend as a continuation pattern. • Sometimes an ascending triangle pattern will form as a reversal pattern as a downtrend comes to an end, but they are... • Regardless of their location during a trend.
  2. g inside the triangle. This allows you to trade in the interim, whether you're trading options for a living or using swing trading techniques
  3. For an ascending triangle, investors usually: Wait for the price to spike above the horizontal area Enter on the long side with a stop loss at the previous swing's low Target the measured mov
  4. So, the major points to remember for ascending triangle chart pattern: 1) In case of ascending triangle formation the support line will be rising and resistance line will be constant 2) The pattern is completed when the price breaks above the resistance line. 3) Targets are established by measuring.

An ascending triangle is a variety of triangle graph pattern that take place when there is a resistivity degree and an incline of elevated below. The ascending triangle,several times mentioned to as the 'rising triangle'.It is one of the peak continuance designs that come into view middle tendency Ascending and descending triangle represent a typical upward and downward trend. When you notice that the price move within the price lines and creates a dwindling bottoms, that means that it will create a ascending pattern of triangles and that there will be a breakthrough On the technical side, GOLD is trading with a strong bearish bias at 1,787 level, having formed an ascending triangle pattern on the 4-hour timeframe. On the higher side, the precious metal is likely to face resistance at 1,798 level. Gold has closed a Doji candle followed by strong bullish momentum; therefore, the odds of bearish correction stay solid

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  1. g a triangle. The main distinctive feature of this type of triangles is that it generally has a horizontal trendline connecting the highs at roughly the same level and an ascending trendline connecting higher and higher lows
  2. The ascending triangle is a consolidation pattern within the longer-term uptrend, and it provides ample time for entry, a trailing stop loss level, and target levels. Examples of Ascending Triangle Chart Pattern. Let us look at a few examples of the ascending triangle chart pattern to understand the pattern better
  3. ascending triangle - nvidia corp (nvda.o) February 9, 2021 / 0 Comments / in Blog Post / by Aksel Kibar Every week Tech Charts Global Equity Markets report features some of the well-defined, mature classical chart patterns under a lengthy watchlist and the chart pattern breakout signals that took place during that week
  4. The ascending triangle is a bullish continuation pattern that ultimately transitions into a breakout pattern. The psychology of the ascending triangle pattern is that the bulls are able to take the price up to the horizontal resistance level repeatedly while the bears are slowly losing the ability to take the price back to the previous swing low
  5. buy with daily visual up + 1.0 daily st buy + daily rally - 30
  6. Chainlink (CRYPTO: LINK) is a crypto that is potentially breaking out of an ascending triangle pattern. The stock is now looking to find support where it once found resistance. Chainlink considers.
  7. Roughly scans Ascending triangle pattern Technical & Fundamental stock screener, scan stocks based on rsi, pe, macd, breakouts, divergence, growth, book vlaue, market cap, dividend yield etc

Ascending Triangles are easily recognized and when interpreded correctly, tend to be reliable patterns to trade. Both the ascending and descending triangles, while looking very similar to the symmetrical triangle, are much more specific in their implications for the trend Ascending chart pattern is a type of Triangle chart patterns . Ascending chart pattern is formed when price has a resistance and is forming continuous higher lows. Adequate buy or short area would be after the price gives a breakout .Ascending pattern you can short or buy as well Key Highlights: Ethereum saw a 5.77% price hike over the past 24 hours of trading that allowed the coin to break above the $250 level. The cryptocurrency managed to push above the ascending triangle last week that allowed it to surge by a strong 24% over the past 7-days

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ลักษณะพฤติกรรมของ Ascending Triangle . พฤติกรรมของรูปแบบกราฟ Ascending Triangle เป็นรูปแบบตรงข้ามกับ Descending Triangle เป็นรูปแบบของเทรนขาขึ้นที่กำลังจะขึ้นต่อเนื่องมักเป็น. Ascending Triangle Chart Pattern The a scending triangle pattern is formed when there is a clear resistance level and price begins making a series of higher lows to form the triangle. Whilst there is a clear resistance in place that buyers are unable yet to break through, the selling by the bears from the resistance is becoming weaker and weaker each time

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Ascending Triangle. An ascending triangle is a bullish pattern. Having said that, it means that the previous trend prior to the triangular formation was a bullish one. The implications are that the trend will resume after the triangle is completed. The perfect example of a well-known ascending triangle comes from the USD/JPY pair Posts about Ascending Triangle written by thetradingstand. Hello everyone! we hope that you all are having a great day. We apologize for the lack of a lunch hour update we had too much on our hands and will try and cover most of what happened today in this analysis Triangles exist in both Bullish and Bearish form and each can be split into 3 distinct sections; Bullish triangles. The initial rally into the triangle can be steep or gradual. The triangle represents a pause to consolidate, with rising lows and horizontal ceiling (bullish ascending triangle) being the first signs that a bullish triangle is. Bitcoin's Ascending Triangle. We can see that Bitcoin's movements are resulting in a series of higher lows pushing against the same high. This pattern is showing the resistance at the high mark and is considered ascending since the price is ascending toward the high price level

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The ascending triangle is an indication of a continuation of a trend. GBPCHF has been in a strong uptrend for a few weeks. We see an opportunity to jump in on this trend following a break out of the triangle at 1.2970. This is nice risk-off trade, following the trend and keeping a nice tight SL just below the. Descending triangle pattern is a type of chart pattern often used by technicians in price action trading. The descending triangle chart pattern forms at the end of a downtrend or after a correction to the downtrend. The descending triangle pattern is the opposite of the ascending triangle pattern

The ascending triangle shows a flat top resistance near the $1,285 level. The stock was able to cross above this level in February, but sellers were able to push the price back down Triangle patterns can be broken down into three categories: the ascending triangle, the descending triangle, and the symmetrical triangle. While the shape of the triangle is significant, of more importance is the direction that the market moves when it breaks out of the triangle The four-hour chart shows that the VET price has faced a major resistance at $0.2245 in the past few weeks. This currency also seems to be forming an ascending triangle pattern that is shown in black. This triangle is nearing its convergence level. In technical analysis, such a triangle is usually a bullish factor

Ascending triangles (and falling wedges) should exhibit higher volume on the up-swings. Descending triangles (and rising wedges) exhibit higher volume on the down-swings. Trading Signals. Enter a trade at the breakout and place a stop-loss just outside the opposite side of the wedge or triangle pattern The price target for an ascending triangle chart pattern is determined buy adding the height of the ascending triangle (53.00 - 44.50 = 8.50) to the resistance level of the ascending triangle (53.00 + 8.50 = 61.50 Ascending Triangle Introduction. Ascending Triangle is formed when the stock fluctuates in a band such that upper price range is near its Resistance Basics and and lower price is moving up (higher bottom) continuously and there by reducing the price gap of highs and lows. From Bulls and bears perspective, bulls are continuous trying to move the price up but are facing strong supply at.

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List of Stocks for Ascending Triangle Stock Screener. Symbol Name Industry Sector Exchange: Cap, mln: Last: Change: Change, The hourly chart of XRP indicated formation of an ascending triangle that extended since the beginning of November. This bullish pattern noted a rising price of the third-largest asset and marked the higher lows at $0.2867, $0.2933, $0.2967, and $0.2989, while the base of the triangle was noted at $0.3034 ascending triangle - motorola solutions January 28, 2021 / 0 Comments / in Blog Post / by Aksel Kibar Every week Tech Charts Global Equity Markets report features some of the well-defined, mature classical chart patterns under a lengthy watchlist and the chart pattern breakout signals that took place during that week A right-angled ascending broadening wedge is a downward reversal pattern.The pattern is formed by two diverging lines, the support is a horizontal line and the resistance is an oblique bullish one, so it is an inverted descending triangle.The oscillations between the two triangle terminals are therefore becoming increasingly large.Each line must be touched at least twice to be validated

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Apa itu The Ascending Triangle dan Bagaimana untuk cara Berdagangya ? Belajar forex kali ini tentang The Ascending Triangle, sering disebut sebagai 'segitiga naik', adalah salah satu pola kelanjutan atas yang muncul di tren-menengah.Pedagang telah mengantisipasi pasar untuk bisa melanjutkan tren yang lebih besar dan mengembangkan pengaturan perdagangan yang lebih sesuai Triangle patterns come in three varieties - ascending, descending, and symmetrical - although all three types of triangles are interpreted similarly. Ascending and Descending Triangles Ascending and descending triangle patterns are right-angle triangles in that the line extending along two or more lows or two or more highs, respectively, is horizontal BTCUSD 15m. Ascending Triangle. Short term target 38K Hi everyone, Thank you for considering reading my idea. Here, we have an ascending triangle , a bullish pattern , with a target of 38K. If we draw a Fib Retracement from swing high (top of triangle) to swing low (second bottom of the triangle), it residesRead Mor IOTA Price Prediction: Ascending Triangle Points to 2.4 On a Breakout. Written by Mircea Vasiu on Apr 08, 2021, 09:35 BST. IOTA is on a bullish run lately. The altcoin had an impressive run in the last couple of months - it rose from 0.3 in February to 1.8 two months later, fueled by investors' optimism in the digital space a triangle is a triangle. wrong. a triangle can also be three, six or nine triangles. and at the centre there is a space: another triangle. a tri­-an­gle is a simple shape, easy to recall. this one has a complex structure comprising three rotat­ing equilateral triangles, emerging out of six irregular triangles. an equilateral triangle resting on one corner looks unstable. it will tend to.

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Dogecoin price is in an uptrend after bouncing off the ascending triangle's lower trend line. Transactional data reveals a major supply barrier at $0.061 will decide DOGE's fate

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