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Just follow the steps below to redeem codes in Mining Simulator: Launch Mining Simulator and enter the game. Click the bule Twitter bird button on the left, then a window will pop up. Enter (or copy & paste) the code into the textbox, then click Enter to redeem the code. How to get more codes. If you want to get mor in-game codes for Mining Simulator, you can follow @IsaacRBLX and @rumble_studios on Twitter First, you should know how to enter codes in Mining Simulator. When you're in the game, look to the left of your screen for the blue Twitter icon that says 'codes'. Click on that to bring up the codes screen where you can enter one of the codes from the list below. After entering the code hit the Enter button to submit and redeem your prize These are some of the mining simulator codes you can utilise. Working codes for Hat Crates Codes. Witches - also Legendary Hat Crate; Duckie - also Legendary Hat Crate; MineAlot - also Legendary Hat Crate; Sunscreen - also Legendary Hat Crate; Fluffy - also Legendary Crate; Dreamy - also Legendary Hat Crate; Scorch - also Legendary Hat Crat

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To redeem a code, click the button on the left side of the screen labeled Codes (with a Twitter. Ores are an integral part of Mining Simulator, being a concentrated source of Coins. They are a requirement for quests and pet evolution. In deeper layers more ore, variations, and higher value ores can be found Roblox Ore Magnet Simulator Codes (out of date) Below is the list of expired codes. 61016194 - This code can be redeemed for a Dream Egg Reboot3 - This code can be redeemed for Hatching potion and also carrot juic

Mining Simulator Codes. There Are Several Different Types of Mining Simulator codes. We're going to be listing all the active ones here. Mining Simulator Codes for Tokens. #ChristmasHype - 250 Tokens. AnniversaryTokens - 250 Tokens. EpicTokens - 250 Tokens. 200Tokens - 200 Tokens. 4thJuly - 200 Tokens. July21st - 150 Tokens. America -80 Tokens. 1Year - 75 Token So today we are back with yet another Ore Tycoon 2 codes of 2020 that will give you tons of freebies and tycoon bux. Before we proceed further, let us take a quick look at this gameplay. In Ore Tycoon 2, you can do mining on an island and then sell those ores for money Mining Simulator Codes - Full List. Mining Simulator Codes - Newest Codes. candy: 2,000 Coins; Awesome: Rare Egg; Isaac: 1,000 Coins; Valid & Active Token Codes. 200Tokens - 200 tokens; 500M - 75 tokens; SummerTokens - 75 tokens; 4thJuly - 200 tokens; 1Year - 70 Tokens; AnniversaryTokens - 250 Tokens; MoreMoreCode - 70 Tokens; MoreMoreTokens - 70 Token Ore Value: x2.50 (x4.30) Mining Speed: x2.50 (x4.30) Mining Power: x2.80 (x4.40) Total Efficiency: 16.80 (81.36) UFO. Ore Value: x2.20 (x3.20) Mining Speed: x3.20 (x4.20) Mining Power: x3.10 (x4.60) Total Efficiency: 21.82 (61.82) Twitchicorn. Ore Value: x2.00 (x2.90) Mining Speed: x2.00 (x3.10) Mining Power: x1.90 (x2.80

7 SECRET MINING SIMULATOR MYTHICAL CODES! *NEW MYTHIC ITEMS!*🕹️THE GAME: https://bit.ly/2qxj5xEEPIC NEW Roblox RACING GAME! http://bit.ly/2tK6dIm👇SOCIAL ME.. Steps to How to Redeem the Roblox Mining Simulator Codes? Step 1: Pitch into the game and Select the blue Twitter icon option Codes at the left side of the screen. Step 2: Enter the Code. Step 3: Select the Enter option and redeem your reward. Mining Simulator Codes Related Searches. Mining Simulator codes 2021 . Mining Simulator codes May 27, 2021: We checked for new Mining Simulator codes Everyone wants to become rich, and with Mining Simulator you can live out those dreams. Team up with friends or go on a solo mining adventure to find rare gems and diamonds, travel the world, and collect rare pets Description. Codes can be used to award the player Tycoon Bux or other items. There is usually a code released after a shutdown. There are Codeplosion events that take place after the release of a major update that release numerous limited codes, most being very small in quantity Mining Simulator Candy Corn Codes List. 60 Candy Corn: Skelly; 30 Candy Corn: Spooky; 60 Candy Corn: Skeletons; 40 Candy Corn: Halloween; 30 Candy Corn: ScarySkeltons; 60 Candy Corn: ThisIsHalloween; 30 Candy Corn: Spook; 30 Candy Corn: Spoopy; Mining Simulator Coin Codes List. Coins can be used to upgrade your storage space and pickaxe! 1,000 Coins: isaa

If you search and finds roblox mining simulator codes. In this article, we provide a mining simulator code list 2019. Mining simulator developed by Runway Ramble for Roblox gaming platform. In this Roblox game, you make a team with your friends and go to the excavation mission to find precious gems and stone today in roblox mining simulator we check out 10 limited mythical codes! Make sure to watch till the end for a surprise.These codes are the current codes tha.. This guide contains info on how to play the game, redeem working codes and other useful info. Also you can find here all the valid Ore Tycoon 2 (Roblox game by PlantStudios) codes in one updated list. After redeeming the codes you can get there are lots of incredible items and stuff. There ar Mining Simulator is undoubtedly the most popular game on the Roblox. Now we're going to share brand new Mining Simulator codes of 2020 that gives free 650 coins, gems, diamonds and many exciting surprises Welcome! In Mining Simulator, you are a miner in the prosperous Bloxy Mines where gold, rubies and diamonds have been found! It is your job to mine these ores and trade them in for cash at the gold deposit minecarts! Use your cash to upgrade your pickaxe, buy swords or customize your miner

Mining Simulator is a simulator game created by Rumble Studios. in which players mine for rock and minerals to sell for coins, which can be used to upgrade tools, cosmetics, and pets.. Mining Simulator received positive reception upon release, shortly becoming the second game to beat out Jailbreak in concurrent players during 2018. The game is similar to other mining games such as Azure Mines. Mining Legends Codes - Full List. Get tome gems, coins, and also exclusive items and pets. Valid Codes. Get tome gems, coins, and also exclusive items and pets. These are all the valid & new codes (are case sensitive) IMPOSTOR - Redeem this code and get Red Impostor Pet (New) MINI - Redeem this code and get Mini Tofuu Pet (New The mining simulator codes are one of the most important parts of the Roblox game and are developed by runway rumble. Its main objective is to form a team with best and close friends for playing the game. You can also play single mining to explore gems. But this is the rarest condition to earn [ A process for real options valuation of an iron ore mine, including developing price and interest-rate models based on historical data, and producing distributions for a range of economic outcomes based on calculations of net present value (NPV)

Tynker is the world's leading K-12 creative coding platform, enabling students of all ages to learn to code at home, school, and on the go. Tynker's highly successful coding curriculum has been used by one in three U.S. K-8 schools, 90,000 schools globally, and over 60 million kids across 150 countries Our Roblox Mining Legends Codes has the most up-to-date list of codes that you can redeem for coins, pets, and gems. You'll need these coins to update your pickaxe and dig to even deeper depths! All Mining Legends Codes List. We'll keep you updated with additional codes once they are released Mining Legends is a Roblox game, published by Digging Games. Read on for the latest working Mining Legends Codes Wiki 2021 Roblox List! Mining Legends Codes Wiki 2021: May 2021⇓ We provide the fastest/full coverage and regular updates on the latest working Mining Legends Codes Wiki 2021: May 2021 How to redeem Miners Haven codes - Videoguide In the event that you still don't know very well how to redeem your codes in Saber Simulator , here is a video in which the procedure to obtain the rewards you are looking for is explained clearly and easily Mining Simulator Play Minecraft in Discord. No pay to win! Commands: - m!start - Start your adventure by using this command! - m!help - Our wizard will help you with the different commands! - m!mine - Its always time to mine - m!repair - Used when times go dark.

Bitcoin Miner is a game mode in Roblox, in which you build a bitcoin mining farm. In Bitcoin Miner, you need to earn currencies to improve your mining farm. You can redeem one code in Bitcoin Miner through the invite friends system to get some premium coins. After redeeming a code, you can earn more premium coins by sharing your code This page consists of all the valid Mining Inc Remastered codes. Here are redeem codes for dynamite, bucks and exclusive in-game rewards. Mining Inc Remastered Codes - Full List Valid Codes With most of the codes you will get Dynamite and bucks as reward, so claim them quick, before they expire Ore Miners use the Pickaxe to gather ore, which can be refined into Metal Bars. Starting at Tier 4 , each Destiny Board node unlocked will increase the item power for all Ore Miner gathering gear by 0.2 and the item power of the same tier by 1.5 , the gathering yield of the same tier resource by 0.5% and the harvesting speed of the same tier resource by 0.5% 1 New To Azure Mines 2 New To Azure Mines Wikia? 3 Recent Activity 4 Stats Azure Mines is a mining game first developed by Berezaa during a five hour live stream on June 7th 2016. You start off with a base in ruins and it's your job to restore it to its former glory by upgrading the stations with ores and gold. You can also go deep into the mines and caves to collect rare ores! There are even.

Ore Depth Optimal/Best Depth Rarity Tips and Tricks for Mining Icon XP Reward Stone (Layer 1) 1m-10m Everywhere Extremely Common Mine without a worry. Non-valuable ores exist here, everywhere. Fog color is light blue, lighting color is gray, and stone color is grey. 1 Stone (Layer 2) 10m-100m Everywhere Extremely Common Gets a bit darker The following list of Roblox Mining Simulator Codes will enable you to get tokens, eggs, hat crates, and coins which you can then redeem to get some higher grade items early in the game. In Roblox Mining Simulator you can sell anything you don't like or have a repeat of to get coins which you can then use to upgrade your pickaxe and backpack so you are able to mine faster Codes are used to give you awards that will increase your gameplay. Here are a list of codes that are still working: WORKING Reboot2 (Gives the following potions: Potion Of Infinity, Luck Potion, Gem Potion, and Coin Potion) 10KLEGENDARY (Gives 750 Gems) 10KEPIC (Gives 500 Gems) LIKE100:) (Gives 1000 Coins and Gems) Dirt (Gives the player 100 Dirt) FREEPET (Gives the player the Magnet. Are You Looking Mining Simulator Codes List? Yes, you came to correct place to get Roblox Mining Simulator Codes List 2019? it will be very helpful to who is searching for Mining Simulator codes wiki.Runway Rumble created the Mining Simulator which was first derived on February 13, 2018. It is an interesting game which the back-end folks revitalize the enthusiasm of the game to take out the bugs

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With your advanced machinery, mine and sell precious ores, build a massive mining facility, and become the Ultimate Tycoon in the entire island. Ore Tycoon 2 is the second installment in the Ore Tycoon series started by PlantChampion, and is the sequel to Ore Tycoon. It is currently the only game that is being developed by PlantStudios, and was created on October 15th, 2017. In the game. The Income Calculator for 'Ore' calculates your income for each mineable substance in eve-online.You can set the price and your own mining skills. With a click on set the table updates with your specific values. The preset values are prices from eve-central and the from skill-, fleet-, ship-,etc.-boni, are the maximal possible amount for mining [ May 27, 2021 ] Roblox Bat Simulator Codes Roblox Codes [ May 27, 2021 ] Roblox Holy War 3 Codes Roblox Codes [ May 27, 2021 ] Roblox The CrusheR Codes Roblox Codes [ May 26, 2021 ] Roblox Dream Island Tycoon Codes Roblox Codes

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  1. A Blocks / JavaScript code editor for the micro:bit powered by Microsoft MakeCode
  2. Roblox Mining Legends Codes are an easy and free way to gain rewards in Mining Legends.To help you with these codes, we are giving the complete list of working Codes for Roblox Mining Legends.Not only I will provide you with the code list, but you will also learn how to use and redeem these codes step by step
  3. Pastebin.com is the number one paste tool since 2002. Pastebin is a website where you can store text online for a set period of time
  4. In order to Get Codes For Mining Simulator In Roblox For Free, you need to open this site: Click Here To Get Codes For Mining Simulator In Roblox! How it Works? Follow the step to Get Codes For Mining Simulator In Roblox For Free : 1. Start the website HERE. 2. Load your details. 3. Complete Human Verification (IMPORTANT
  5. e with Silk Touch and then smelt an ore block that normally drops multiple pieces of its resource, because smelting these ores yields less experience and only 1 piece of the resource. Only Nether Gold Ore is the only exception. Further uses []. Refined ore resources can be crafted into blocks for bulk storage, for.
  6. To get started Claim Codes For Mining Simulator Roblox, you are proper to find our internet site which has a detailed number of instructions listed. Our library is the biggest of those which have literally countless a large number of different items represented. Status: AVAILABL
  7. ed with tools to gain Credits and purchase various items in the game.. Most ores are found scattered around the map, with varying quantities and values of ore within each outcrop. Different ores can be found in different locations - on the surface, in the Caves and in the Skarra Base

Codes are a redeemable feature found in Settings. You can input codes found here or on Tunicus's Twitter/Discord. Tunium used to be awarded by codes, but with the release of the Market system, the release of such a code would destroy the economy How to Redeem Roblox Mining Inc Remastered Codes. Once you get your codes, the next step is to redeem the codes for free bucks and dynamites.To help you with that we are giving you the steps that you have to follow to redeem codes. Step 1: Open the game. Step 2: Find the Twitter Icon on your screen just like other games

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  1. Ore Miner Simulator is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Ore Miner Simulator and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected
  2. ing operations with a fleet. The spreadsheet allows for easier management of participants during operation, keeping track of clock in/out times, ore
  3. Know a code for 🌌Space Mining Simulator? All of the game codes on rtrack.social are submitted by users! Just click on the red button above to go to the game page, then click the codes tab to find the code submission form. Comments . We thought you might like these . By using RTrack Social, you.

All of the codes can only be redeemed once. If a code is redeemed before an autosave and when a server shuts down, the contents may be lost but the codes will still count as already redeemed. Currently-Active Codes. All codes are case-sensitive. If a code has been found to be made invalid, notify a member of the Miner's Haven Wiki Team ALL PROMO CODE AND NEWS ROBLOX GAM Expired Roblox Magnet Simulator Codes . At the moment there are no expired codes for Magnet Simulator . Here we will be placing all those that stop working over time, so that you do not try to get rewards of codes that are not worth anything. How to Redeem Roblox Magnet Simulator Codes

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  1. Jelly Mining Simulator Codes HOME; Minggu, 21 Juni 2020. Roblox Cheats To Fly. 01.47. Free Cheats For Roblox Free Robux Guide Ios Application . Baca selengkapnya » Wolf Pup Morphs Roblox. 01.17. Design your own wolf and.
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  3. ing yield per level. Astrogeology (3x): +5% ore
  4. Codes are basically codes in the game that give you awards. For example startermoney gives 25k Cash. Some codes also need you to join the group. You can find codes In the group, their discord, or twitter. CODES. - As of 10/12/19 That's All Thank You Visiting :D ! - Don't Post FAKE CODES For..
  5. g them gives prizes such as honey, tickets, gumdrops, royal jelly, crafting materials, wealth clock, magic beans, boosts from ability tokens, or field boosts. Onett posts codes (or hints for codes) in the game itself, on the game's Roblox page, on the Bee Swarm Simulator Club page, on his Twitter account, and on the game's.
  6. ers are slow and take a long time to fill their holds resulting in long and boring trips for small payouts. In addition, pirates will see a faction with a

This is an important message from the staff of the Egg Simulator Wiki. Message: Wiki staff cannot add new codes. Additionally, if a code is re-released, players may be unable to use it if they have used it before Roblox Mining Simulator Tokens Codes 2019 Roblox Free Online Login roblox mining Secret Code In Mining Simulator So Op 105 Rebirths Most top secret code in mining simulator so op 105 rebirths most op ore more roblox adventures 150 Codes All Roblox Mining Simulator Codes 2020 Roblox Mining 150 codes all roblox mining simulator codes.

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Hammer Kazakhstan, part of Russian group Hammer Rus and partner 5DT recently successfully launched their second simulator at the training centre of the Eurasian Resources Group (ERG) in Rudny, Kazakhstan which serves the Sokolov-Sarybai Mining Production Association (SSGPO) JSC mines, SSGPO being the largest iron ore enterprise in Kazakhstan's mining industry with over 100 truck drivers The Ancient Miner is an advanced tool. It has 5 stars and mines ore at 200 ore a second (200/1s). It can be bought on the Surface for free provided one of the ships (listed in Trivia) have been bought, and you own all 3 parts. This tool is a ship. Ships that can be bought to unlock: Hover Miner.. Codes. Even though it was a prank and official fake , berezaa done these codes for the Old not newgame . bye everyon Codes:update3update3. release - Gives free 100 gold. power - Gives free 100 gold. gold - gives free 100 gold. minions - gives free minion and wooden sword pickaxe. bakon - bakon minion. cookie - cookie minion. YTSnuglife - YTSnuglife Minion. update3 - 100k gol Codes can be redeemed for in the settings for rewards. They can be obtained either from The Gang Stockholm's Twitter page, or from The Gang Gaming Discord server.. The settings in tapping simulator. Valid Codes Tofuu (Tofuu Pet ); welcome 2 (Taps, Rebirths and Potions apply); 10million (Gems, Rebirths + Potions Apply); 300 000millions (300000m taps); 25millionvisits (5 super gems

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Codes for Ore Capitalists (We update and add new codes when announced or found, Do NOT add codes that are unofficial). After 30 codes are released, the whole list will reset and the old codes (the 30 codes) will become inactive to use All Codes Mining Simulator. a guest Hi Guy Heres all the Codes of Mining Simulator Codes: Rewards: Dates: Selfie 2,500 Coin-icon 2/24/2018 TestingThing Common DefildPlays2 1,500 Coin-icon 2/24/2018 Eggo! Unique Egg 3/2/2018 Pets 100 Coin-icon 3/2/2018 Eggs Unique Egg 3/2/2018 Ore 500 Coin-icon 3/2/2018 Danger 250 Coin.

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Ore Depth Optimal/Best Depth Rarity Tips and Tricks for Mining Icon XP Reward Stone (Layer 1) 1m-10m Everywhere Extremely Common Mine without a worry. Non-valuable ores exist here, everywhere. Fog color is light blue, lighting color is gray, and stone color is grey. 1 Stone (Layer 2) 10m-100m Everywhere Extremely Common Gets a bit darker The Ore Gielder is a Collectible-tier upgrader added in the Fifth Anniversary Event. It multiplies ore value by x3 with no known additional effects. The upgrader looks similar to the Ore Memer. It references Fargield, hence the name Ore Gielder. It was originally called The Slumber Party when the update came out, but was quickly changed to the Ore Gielder. The post revealing the code to.

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  1. ing. You can
  2. Codes are used to give you stuff such as boosts and rebirths. You can claim them at the twitter icon, which is located at the left-middle of the screen, displayed as a small twitter bird. Once you clicked the code tab, input the code in the white bar. You can only claim them once, they are case-sensitive. These codes are found at the Interbyte Twitter page or the Interbyte Discord server.
  3. ing game where you compete against your friends to
  4. For every game in the massive—and growing—Roblox library, there are game codes too. Players can claim Roblox game codes to get free levels, cosmetic items and so much more if they just enter the code. The list below includes many of the most popular games on the platform, at least for those with promo codes
  5. Fame Simulator Codes - Do you think you're trying to find Fame Simulator Codes?We certainly have been updated of this list of the Roblox online video game unique codes. Start using unique codes and also you actually will certainly earn for a lot of free rewards in Roblox online games
  6. ing in Eve Online. I will be exclusively discussing ore
  7. i Games Discord server, a revamp of this game is currently underway! Wiki News as of November 24, 201

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Our Roblox Promo Codes List & Wiki 2021 has the latest list of working code. Get the new code and redeem free items, skins, and clothes This wiki is a collaborative wiki about the game Mining Inc Remastered. Here you will find stuff about the features of the game like Minerals, Vehicles, Locations and game events.This Wiki is still incomplete, please keep that in mind while reading.Welcome to Mining Inc Remastered, Where players are tasked with digging up precious metals from a large mine, Take the ores to be refined and load. Codes offer a variety of rewards, to help give you that extra kick in your fishing experience. Below is a list of codes to help you progress in your play through, and help you be on your way to becoming a master fisher! FEFQ==Redeem your code == There are currently 5 valid codes in-game: We will keep this list updated. If you want more codes just come back here and check if we have added new. Codes are redeemable that can award 'Coins' in game. They can be redeemed by clicking or tapping the twitter icon and inputting the code int the text box. All current ACTIVE codes are listed below: Codes are ordered from oldest to most recent in descending orde Roblox's Mining Simulator has a feature that allows for a code to be entered to redeem various rewards that include either coins, eggs, tokens, or hat crates. To redeem them, click on the codes.

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Depending on how these ores are extracted, mining methods can be categorized as 'surface' or 'underground' types. In surface mining, the rock barrier on top of the deposit is removed to access the ore. However, sometimes, such deposits occur too far below to access them from the surface Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. D&D Beyon Roblox Pickaxe Simulator Codes. Pickaxe Simulator Codes can give various loot, like - pets, coins, gems and more. When other Roblox players try to make money, these promocodes make life easy for you. Bookmark this page, we will often update it with new codes for the game. Pickaxe Simulator Codes (Active New codes are released with the upcoming update(s) after the requirements are met. NOTE: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE IN THE GROUP TO REDEEM ANY CODE EXCEPT FOR GROUP PRIDE

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simulator; simulateur; Hacker Typer Simulator Online Ethical Hacker Simulator. Start typing random text on your keyboard to simulate that you're hacking a computer. Automate Full Screen. Discover the programs clicking the icons on the right or press the numbers on your keyboard to show various windows. Read more.. So, in this article, we have shared with you some Roblox Codes for Mining Simulator (March 2021) and we hope that you'll like those. At last, I would like to say that coins help you to upgrade your items in the game and make your progress faster too, for that it becomes important to redeem codes and earn free coins Valid: LikeTheGame - boost and some money Invalid: Non Code Reward Status Coins 2000 coins Valid Gems 10 gems Valid: Owl 1 bird thing Valid: Release 2500 coins and 50 gems Valid: Candy a gun that can give kids diabetes Valid: razorfishgaming 1 chicken leg Valid: BigCoin 3000 coins Valid: EpicCoins 5,000 coins Valid GiveGems 1000 gems Valid MoreGems 500 gems Valid DoubleDamage Damage Armor for 30.

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Our goal is to become the best mining simulator in the world. Try it yourself, just register, , customize your character, and that's it ready. The game does not require investment for registration, you can get income just by playing games THIS IS FAKE. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. D&D Beyon Crystal Magnet Simulator is a Roblox game, released by Powering Games Studios. Read on for Crystal Magnet Simulator Codes Wiki 2021 Roblox List! Crystal Magnet Simulator Codes Wiki 2021: May 2021⇓ We provide regular updates and fast/full coverage on the latest Crystal Magnet Simulator codes Wiki 2021: May 2021 Template:CodeNotice Codes can give items, currency, pets, & more. They can be redeemed by inputting the code in the Codes tab. Codes can come from Twitter (IsaacRBLX), Discord (rumble), or Twitch (rumble_studios) accounts. They are not case sensitive. Codes in hvbjgg are valid. Codes in Template:Invalid are invalid. Codes in Template:Twitch are Twitch. Twitch Codes are redeemable while.

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The Mining Code refers to the whole of the comprehensive set of rules, regulations and procedures issued by ISA to regulate prospecting, exploration and exploitation of marine minerals in the international seabed Area (defined as the seabed and ocean floor and subsoil thereof beyond the limits of national jurisdiction) 2021 NÄ°CE RELASE TANKTIMEHAMMER realese nice 2021 Here are the current codes for Building simulator. There are no codes currently in the gam Working codes: - 75kThanks: Redeem for 75,000 coins. - 50Mil: Redeem for a gong use (a good idea is to get the next sword before using this code to maximize the amount of coins you get). - fivethousand: Redeem for 5,000 coins. - 50kthumbsup: Redeem for a gong use (see above). - 50kdouble: Redeem to get double coins. (it can last about 30 seconds.) - fire: Redeem to get double coins. (WARNING. The latest Tweets from Ore: The Mining Game (@OreMiningGame). Award-winning Euro-style worker placement game where players compete as mining barons during the great Industrial Age. Boston, M Name of Ore/ Mineral Price per Ingot Colour and Look Pumpkinite: 0$ (Gives 1 Pumpkin) Orange, Dotted Iron: 8$ Brown, Dirty Bronze: 10$ L Brown, Dirty Copper: 20$ Brown, Clean Aluminium: 20$ Grey, Clean Silver: 25$ L Grey, Clean Foolish Ore: 66$ (Seniac exclusive) only spawns if DutchDeveloper or MrSeniac is in that server. Titanium: 70$ D Grey. Uranium-Radium-Vanadium Ore Mining : 52: 212299: All Other Metal Ore Mining : 59: 2123: Nonmetallic Mineral Mining and Quarrying : 5,272: 212311: Dimension Stone Mining and Quarrying : 459: 212312: Crushed and Broken Limestone Mining and Quarrying : 1,038: 212313: Crushed and Broken Granite Mining and Quarrying : 149: 212319: Other Crushed and.

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